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What responsibilities does the school district have for students with special needs?

If you believe your child is disabled and in need of special education services but has not been evaluated, the school district in which you reside is required to evaluate the child, without charge, when you make such a request in writing. The district must hold a multi-disciplinary evaluation meeting with you to explain the results of the evaluation. If you desire special education services, you may enroll your child in the public school to receive a free, appropriate public education, or you may ask the school district to provide service(s). If you ask for services, then you and the school district may come to an agreement as to what services will be provided and where. The school district is not obligated to provide special education services if you do not enroll your child, however. Any services which are agreed to may be provided in a public school or private school which is licensed to provide such programs and services; these services will not be provided in your home. (24 P.S. 13-1327(d)).

For more information, call the Office of Counseling and Promotional Standards at 215-400-4810.