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What is the process for registering a child into Kindergarten?

Visit your neighborhood school. Be sure to bring:


A. Proof of child’s age (One of the following is required)

  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Notarized copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s valid passport
  • Original baptismal certificate indicating the child’s date of birth
  • Copy of the record of baptism – notarized or duly certified and showing the date of birth

B.  The child’s current Immunization Record

C.  Parent/Legal Guardianship Identification (One of the following is required)

  • Current Drivers License/ Non-Drivers license
  • Valid Federal, State or Municipal employment photo identification
  • Passport

D. Proof of Address (Two  of the following is required)                      

  • Deed
  • Original lease with name(s) of parents/legal guardians and children
  • Current utility bill (gas, electric, cable, telephone)
  • Recent property tax bill
  • Valid driver’s license or change of address card with your current address
  • Letter from Social Security Office with current address
  • Bank statement with current address
  • Recent Employer Pay Stub showing current address
  • Valid PennDOT identification card
  • Current credit card bill
  • Recent vehicle registration
  • Voter Registration Card showing current address
  • Letter from Public Assistance Office with current address
  • IRS Statement or other wage and tax statements e.g., W2, 1040, 1099

D.1- Homeless Youth and Families

Homeless youth are entitled to immediate enrollments and their families are not required to prove residency regarding school enrollment.  Included within the definition of homeless children and youth are those who are "awaiting foster care placement" and “unaccompanied homeless youth.”  These students should be enrolled without delay, in the district where they are presently residing, or continue their education in the district of prior attendance.  See the McKinney-Vento Act, 42 U.S.C. §11431 et seq.

*It is suggested that you contact the school to obtain hours for registration.

For more information, call the Office of Early Childhood Education at 215-400-4270 or visit: