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How is Environmental and/or sustainable education incorporated into the curriculum (particularly in standard middle schools) of the Philadelphia School District?

In the School District of Philadelphia’s curriculum there are several places where we have units for environmental education:


Environmental Units

Grade K - Trees

Grade 3 - Plant Growth and Development

Grade 5 - Ecosystems

Grade 5 - Solar Energy

Grade 6 - Environments


Life Science Units

Grade K - Animals

Grade 1 - Organisms

Grade 2 - Insects

Grade 4 - Structures of Life

Grade 7 - Cells and Heredity


Earth Science Units

Grade 4 - Land and Water

Grade 7 - Weather and Climate


High School

Environmental Science Course as an Elective


School-Based Programs

Saul High School courses focused on Agriculture Program

Baldie Middle School - Environmental MG Program

Lincoln High School - Environmental Program

For more information, contact the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at 215-400-4210 or visit: