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Should students with IEPs or who are English language learners apply to selective high schools?

All students are encouraged to apply to any high school that interests them and for which they meet the basic qualifications.

The School District facilitates an advocacy process for 8th grade students applying to selective high schools called the LeGare Process.  Students with individualized education programs (IEPs) or who are English Language Learners can learn more about this process by contacting their counselor or the Office of Specialized Services at 215-400-4170.  


The School District also maintains 8 major language hotlines.  Students and parents can leave a message in their language with contact information and a short description of the question or concern. Someone speaking their language will return their call to help resolve the problem or to provide the information they request.

•  Albanian* 215-400-8480  

 •  Arabic* 215-400-8481  

 •  Chinese* 215-400-8482  

 •  French* 215-400-8483  

 •  Khmer* 215-400-8484  

 •  Russian* 215-400-8485  

 •  Spanish 215-400-8489 (live support)

 •  Vietnamese* 215-400-8486  

For more information, call the Office of Student Placement at 215-400-4290