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What happens if I decide to re-enroll my child in public school after I have homeschooled him/her?

Sometimes parents will home-school their child for a few years, and then decide to re-enroll their child back in public school. Parents can choose to re-enroll their child at any time (provided that the child hasn’t graduated from high school or turned 21).

A question often arises about what grade the child should be placed in. There is no hard and fast rule that requires public schools to place the child in the grade the parent requests. However, schools cannot make arbitrary placement decisions. To help determine an appropriate placement, parents can provide the school with copies of coursework the child has completed during the time he/she was home-schooled. The school can also evaluate the child using objective testing measures to determine the appropriate grade and/or courses for the child.

For more information, call the Office of Counseling and Promotional Standards at 215-400-4810.