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How should schools, parents, and/or students respond to an incident of cyber-bullying?

If the information on the internet was posted at home, or during non-school hours, schools must first show that they have the legal authority to intervene by determining if the incident meets two or more criteria of the “School Nexus:”

  • Occurred on school grounds, during a school sponsored event/activity or using school property
  • Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school
  • Substantially interferes with the education of students, and/or threatens the school environment

If a nexus is established, schools should:

  • Make an assessment to determine the level of threat
  • Gather and preserve the evidence
  • Impose formal disciplinary action with the appropriate reports/documentation
  • Involve parents
  • Contact law enforcement when necessary

Parents/students should:

  • Save the evidence (hard and electronic copies)
  • Send a non-threatening, non-hostile message to the cyber-bully demanding that they stop
  • Avoid the site/group where attacks have taken place
  • Block/filter communication from the perpetrator
  • Report it to (215) 400-SAFE or (after FIRST contacting the school and regional office)
  • File a complaint with the Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Call the police


For more information, call the Office of School Climate and Safety at 215-400-4710 or visit: