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What are the documents needed to enroll at the Multilingual Assessment Center?

There are five (5) items needed in order to register in The School District of Philadelphia.

These items are as follows:

Identification - one (1) of the following is required

Parent/Legal Guardian must provide photo identification (examples: current PA

driver’s license/Non-driver’s license or valid Federal, State, or Municipal employment

identification, Passport)

Proof of Guardianship - must be the most current & official document (copies are not acceptable)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Custody Decree (must be signed by the presiding judge and notarized by the court)
  • Official letter from the Department of Human Services (must be on the agency’s letterhead)

Note: When a child is living with a District resident, other than the parent, who is

supporting the child without compensation, the resident must provide one (1) of the

following: appropriate legal documentation to show dependency or guardianship or have

an approved Delegation of Parental Responsibility (EH-92)

Proof of the student's age - one (1) of the following is required---original or notarized

Acceptable proof includes birth, baptismal or other religious certificates, a passport or

immigration documents.

Proof of Residency - Only two (2) of the following is required---must be originals, not copies

  • Current utility bills (examples: PECO, PGW, Water, cable) - Must show name, current date and address
  • Current Voter's Registration
  • Original Rental Agreement/Lease with name(s) of parent/legal guardians and signed by all parties (Preferably typed, but a hand written lease is accepted with one additional proof of residency)
  • Deed
  • Residential Affidavit signed by landlord and notarized
  • Foster care and DHS letters are also acceptable for registration when student is in the care of a foster/child care agency
  • Shelter placement or residency letters are acceptable for students deemed homeless


Your child’s immunization records and Health Appraisal Forms and/or proof of

appointment if vaccines are not up-to-date.

For more information, call the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs at 215-400-4240 (Opt. 1) or visit: