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When is someone considered a "properly qualified private tutor?"

The main requirements are that the tutor: (1) must have a Pennsylvania’s teacher's certificate; (2) must be teaching “one or more children who are members of a single family”; 3) must be providing the child or children with the majority of their instruction; and 4) must be receiving some form of payment for their services. A private tutor must file a copy of his/her Pennsylvania teacher’s certificate and a criminal background check with the superintendent of the student’s district of residence. Private tutoring by a properly qualified tutor is subject to the annual approval of the superintendent.

The tutoring must provide at least 180 days of instruction per year, or a minimum of 900 hours (990 hours at the secondary level) of instruction per year. If these requirements are met, home instruction should be allowed.

Even if a private tutoring situation does not meet these requirements, a parent or guardian may be able to set up a “home education program” for their child.

For more information, call the Office of Counseling and Promotional Standards at 215-400-4810.